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  • 服務項目
    [來源:www.gzwljs.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-06-19] [瀏覽次數:]
    推廣絕招一:軟文推廣法。 Promotion of the first: soft text promotion. 軟文的推廣是一個長期的過程,不是一兩天就能見效果。一般的軟文具備有原創性,被搜索引摯收錄的機會非常高,而且你選擇比較好的平臺的話,被收錄的機會肯定是百分之百的。所以,只要你長期堅持下去,你的網站就有可能形成大量的優質外鏈,這對提高你的網站權重是非常有幫助的。而且,你的文章也容易被轉載,這樣對擴大品牌的影響力也有很大的幫助。 The promotion of soft Wen is a long-term process, not one or two days can see the effect. The general soft text has the originality, the opportunity to be collected by the search is very high, and if you choose a better platform, the chance to be included is definitely one hundred percent. So, as long as you stick to it for a long time, your website is likely to form a large number of high-quality external chain, which is very helpful to improve the weight of your website. Moreover, your article is also easy to be reprinted, which will help to expand the influence of the brand. 推廣絕招二:導航網站推廣法。 Promotion two: navigation website promotion method. 導航網站在國內具有相當大影響力,而且大大小小的導航網站非常多,只要你多跟導航網站的站長多交流,爭取被他們收錄的話,積少成多,他們給你帶來的流量也會相當的可觀的。 Navigation website in China has a considerable influence, and large and small navigation websites are very many, as long as you have more communication with the stationmaster of the navigation website, try to be collected by them, and they will bring you a considerable amount of traffic. 推廣絕招三:搜索引摯推廣。 Promotion three: search and promote. 這是很多網站推廣人員最常用的推廣方式。搜索引摯的推廣分成兩種,一種是網站優化,另外一種是要付費的,叫搜索引摯營銷,也稱百度競價。搜索引擎推廣能將你的網站排在首頁以展示給更多人,因此,搜索引摯推廣也成為很多網站最主要的推廣方式。 This is the most commonly used promotion method for many website promotion personnel. Search promotion is divided into two kinds, one is website optimization, the other is payment, called search marketing, also known as Baidu bidding. Search engine promotion can put your website on the front page to show more people. Therefore, search promotion has become the main way of promotion for many websites. 推廣絕招四:論壇回復置頂法。 Promotion four: the forum reply to the top method. 許多論壇,只要回復就能把貼子重新置頂,這個關注的人就特別多。國內最有名的天涯就是這個原理,所以很多朋友喜歡去天涯發貼子,首先是人比較多,其次監管沒有那么嚴格,操作的空間比較大,所以目標群體比較明確,年輕人居多,因此,這種做法在一定程度上來說還是有比較好的效果。 A lot of forums, as long as the reply will be able to put the stickers back to the top, there is a lot of attention. The country's most famous skyline is the principle, so many of my friends love to go to the hair post, the first is more people, then less strict supervision, the operation of the space is relatively large, so the target group is clear, the majority of young people, therefore, this approach still has good effect in a certain extent.