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  • 服務項目
    [來源:www.gzwljs.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-05-31] [瀏覽次數:]
    1、關鍵詞不要過度堆砌,有些站點為了獲得好的排名會對關鍵詞進行堆砌,這樣會起到相反的作用,還可能會被百度懲罰。 1, key words do not overuse, some sites in order to get a good ranking of the key words will be piled, this will play the opposite role, and may be punished by Baidu. 2、關鍵詞的過度優化,不要講關鍵詞過度的穿插在文章中,這樣很可能會起到相反的作用。 2, the excessive optimization of keywords, do not say too much keyword interspersed in the article, which is likely to play an opposite role. 3、經常修改網頁的title和Description,每一次更換百度都會發現解析記錄的過程并且記錄下來。所以在網站上線之前這些一定要設置好。 3, constantly modify the title and Description of the webpage. Every time you change Baidu, you will find the process of parsing the record and record it. So these must be set up before the website goes online. 4、網站中大量的flash圖片以及模塊,雖然flash圖片可以提高網站的美觀程度,但是我們一定要把握一個度,過多的引用會影響網站的優化。 4, a large number of flash images and modules in the website, although flash pictures can improve the beauty of the website, but we must grasp the one degree, too much reference will affect the optimization of the website. 5、外鏈要多樣化,不要發垃圾外鏈,外鏈保持一定的幅度增長,隱藏關鍵詞和鏈接的方法是不好的, 隱藏鏈接和隱藏文本是一樣的性質,百度會打擊。 5, the outside chain to diversify, do not send garbage outside the chain, the chain to maintain a certain range of growth, hidden key words and links are not good, hidden links and hidden text are the same nature, Baidu will hit. 6、網站初期額可以用大量文章來填充文章,但是不要持續更新大量文章,尤其是對于小型站。 6, the website can be filled with articles in the initial stage, but do not continue to update a large number of articles, especially for small stations.