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  • 服務項目
    [來源:www.gzwljs.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-05-11] [瀏覽次數:]
    互聯網時代,網站已經成為企業發展的重要組成部分,它的存在不僅可以幫助企業發掘更多的潛在用戶、擴大業務市場,還對吸此用戶、促成轉化等方面有著不可獲缺的作用。很多企業就是持到了網站的這些優勢,都開始紛紛建設自己的網站,希望可以在互聯網市場中宣傳出自己的企業品牌。不過現在很多人都是在盲目的跟風,他們并不清楚網站建設到底對企業有哪些價值。為了讓大家了解網站建設的價值,以便更好的為企業發展服務,濟南諾商信息技術有限責任公司將為大家總結一下。 The age of the Internet, the website has become an important part of enterprise development, it not only can help enterprises to explore more potential users, expand the market, also for the user, to transform has the effect of the aspect and so on. Many enterprises is to hold to the website of these advantages, have started to build your own web site, hoping to promote the own brand in the Internet market. But now a lot of people are blindly following suit, and they don't know what it's worth to the company. In order to let everybody understand the value of the website construction, in order to better service for enterprise development, jinan, business information technology co., LTD will summarize for you. 價值1,打破企業現有的格局。 Value 1, break the enterprise's existing pattern. 企業網站是吸引用戶、宣傳信息的主要平臺,它可以幫助企業通過互聯網媒介來實現線上的運營、營銷。這樣就打破了過去企業的線下銷售的局面,即方更的用戶又為企業帶來的利潤。 The enterprise website is the main platform to attract users and disseminate information, which can help enterprises to realize the operation and marketing of the line through Internet media. This breaks down the offline sales of companies in the past, which is the profit that the more users bring to the enterprise. 價值2,網站轉化率取決于引導。 Value 2, website conversion rate depends on guidance. 網站建設后可以為企業帶來大量的線上流量,并通過產品頁或是客服來使這些客戶形成轉化。提升轉化率就必須做好引導工作,而引導客戶就必須要從客戶的需求出發,為客戶提供可以解決問題的方案,從而引導客戶來到企業網站并行成轉化。 Website construction can bring large amounts of online traffic to businesses and convert them through product pages or customer service. Improve conversion rates will have to do a good job in boot and guide the customer must be starting from the needs of customers, provide for the customer can solve the problem of plan, so as to guide customers to the enterprise site in parallel as transformation.