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  • 服務項目
    [來源:www.gzwljs.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-05-02] [瀏覽次數:]
    都說現在是個看臉的社會,長的不好的直接就被人說矮了三尺,所以各類美顏神術供不應求。而且,不關看人,看網站也一樣。 They say that it is a look at the face of the society, long bad directly are said to be short of three feet, so all kinds of divine beauty supply. And it's the same as the website. 網站的板式,美工做的稍微差勁點,能被人從頭嫌棄到尾,然后×掉,期間都用不了10秒,這么高的跳出率讓早就傷痕累累的站長朋友再次被補一刀。 The website's plate style is slightly worse than that of the art designer. It can be abandoned from the beginning to the end, and then it can't be used for 10 seconds. Such a high jump rate makes the early wounded webmaster friend fill a knife again. 小海哥做網站也做蠻多個了,從早先一直嫌棄別人的站點美工,到現在被人嫌棄,辛酸難盡啊,但是,今天還是想跟大家一起談談網站建設中的美工設計問題。 The small website also quite a number of Haiger, always despise others from the previous site artists, to now be disgusted, but bitter difficult to do ah, today still want to with you together to talk about the construction site in the art design. 多少朋友在做網站布局,或說網站的美工整體設計時,都會不自覺的向對稱效果去靠,也難怪,我們從祖祖輩輩開始就很講究對稱,覺得對稱是最美最和諧的。但是在網站的設計中,有時對稱不一定能體現網站的活力,相反給人以沉悶,中規中矩的感覺。因此,小海哥在做部分網站時,會采用一些非常規的設計,采用不對稱的設計模式通過對比、留白和布局來給用戶留下印象,以此彰顯網站活力。以下具體論述: How many friends in the site layout, or the overall design art website, will not consciously to symmetrical effect to rely on, it is no wonder that we start from generations of symmetry, that symmetry is the most beautiful and harmonious. But in the website design, sometimes symmetry does not necessarily reflect the site's vitality, in contrast to the people to feel dull, law-abiding. Therefore, a small part of the site in Heinze, will use some non conventional design, the design model of asymmetric through comparison, space and layout to give users the impression, in order to highlight the vitality of the site. The following details are: 一、通過視覺差異吸引用戶 1. Attract users through visual differences 對于用戶來說,漸進式的效果是難以引起用戶注意的。相反,用戶很容易被視覺差別很大的效果所吸引。對于網站來說通過設計出按鈕和背景構成了鮮明的對比。這樣當用戶在瀏覽網站過程中被留白和合理的對比營造出來的視覺引導,從而引導用戶繼續瀏覽下去。而且給人的整體效果是很大氣的,加分不少。 For users, the incremental effect is difficult to attract the attention of the user. On the contrary, users are easily attracted by the effect of a large visual difference. There is a sharp contrast between the design of a button and the background for a web site. In this way, the user can guide the user to continue to browse through the visual guidance created by the white and reasonable contrast in the browsing process. And the overall effect of the people is very atmospheric, plus a lot of points. 二、通過留白激發用戶聯想 Two. Arouse user association through whiten 一個網站的整體頁面如果填充的很豐富,對于用戶來說,不一定是個好事,因為內容太過繁多,反而給人帶來了閱讀壓力,甚至是閱讀的疲倦感,從而快速降低用戶的閱讀熱情。而在某些區塊,做適當的留白,能讓用戶減少這種閱讀壓迫感,甚至會激發用戶的聯想,給網站帶來意外的驚喜。(關于留白,還需要掌握留白的位置及留白后的內容跟進等) If a website's overall page is filled, it will not be a good thing for users. Because the content is too much, it brings people reading pressure and even tired feeling of reading, so as to quickly reduce user's reading enthusiasm. In some districts, making proper blanks can reduce users' reading pressure and even arouse users' associations, which will bring unexpected surprises to websites. (on the retention of white, also need to master the position of the blank and the content after the follow-up, etc.)