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    [來源:www.gzwljs.com] [作者:網站建設] [日期:18-04-18] [瀏覽次數:]
    確定核心關鍵詞和擴展長尾關鍵詞 Key key words and extended long tail key words 1、核心關鍵詞的選擇——主關鍵詞的選擇標準之一看百度的付費推廣多不多,如果前面有8-10個百度推廣的網站,這樣的關鍵詞帶來的流量是非常少地。標準之二看竟爭對手是怎樣優化地,是不是有專業的人員或團隊在優化,只是一兩個這樣的網站則超過對手只是時間問題,而大部分的竟爭對手都有專業的優化團隊,這種詞的優化成本太大,排名也不會太穩定,這類關鍵詞不可取。 1, the choice of key key words - the choice of the main key words of one of the criteria to see Baidu is not much more, if there are 8-10 Baidu promotion sites, such key words bring a very little traffic. The standard two see how the opponent is to optimize, is not a professional staff or team in optimization, but one or two such websites are more than the opponent is only the time problem, and most of the competitors have professional optimization team, the cost of the optimization is too large, the name will not be too stable, such key words are not It is advisable. 2、挖掘長詞關鍵詞——中小型網站很多都是從事熱門產品的銷售,因此很多都是熱門關鍵詞,大家都在做的詞沒有必要花大力氣去參與,需要充分利用產品優勢挖掘擴展性的長尾關鍵詞(易觀百科:長尾關鍵詞),這類關鍵詞針對性強,轉化率高,優化排名也不難,長尾關鍵詞是打敗竟爭對手的一個至勝法寶。 2, mining long words Key words - a lot of small and medium-sized websites are engaged in the sale of hot products, so many are popular key words. All of them do not need to take great effort to participate. We need to make full use of the advantages of the product to excavate the long tail keywords (Yi Guan Encyclopedia: long tail key words), such key words needles For strong sex, high conversion rate and optimization ranking, it is not difficult to optimize ranking. Long tail key words are a magic weapon to defeat competitors. 站內優化策略 Optimization strategy in station 1、網站的頁面盡量做到風格簡單,色彩鮮明,產品分燈清楚,主次有序。產品描述不能千篇一律,產品圖片要有吸引力,圖片和文字搭配更能讓用戶了解產品性能。 1, the website's web pages should be as simple as possible, with distinctive colors, clear products, and primary and secondary orders. Product description cannot be stereotyped, product pictures should be attractive, pictures and text collocation can make users understand product performance better. 2、在網站內部優化時,內鏈的作用相當重要,充分利用好“相關推薦”功能,使產品與產品之間,欄目與欄目之間都有合理地內部鏈接,并且可以給用戶展示更多商品的目的,對搜索引擎的排名也很有好處,應該是兩全其美,但要注意不要刻意地去做內鏈(易觀百科:內鏈),不要過度優化。 2, the internal chain optimization, the role of the internal chain is very important, make full use of the "relevant recommendation" function, so that the product and product, between columns and columns have reasonable internal links, and can give users more goods to show the purpose of the search engine is also very good, should be the best of the two. But we must pay attention not to deliberately do the internal chain (easy Encyclopedia: inner chain), do not over optimize. 3、網站內容怎樣更新,與產品相關性的文章還是要遵守原創的規則,特別對于新站來說原創內容必不可少,內容要有創新,對用戶有幫助。如果到處復制,粘貼,這樣的網站很快就會被搜索引擎歸類為垃圾站,請問還怎么銷售產品呢。 3, how to update the content of the website, and the articles related to the product should abide by the original rules, especially for the new station, the original content is essential, the content should be innovative, and the user is helpful. If you copy and paste everywhere, such websites will soon be classified as garbage stations by search engines. How do you sell products? 4、產品圖片的優化,網站和客戶對話的直接方式就是圖片,圖片多的網站一定要對圖片進行alt屬性的標識,百度才會識別出來,有利于頁面收錄。另一個好處可以避免頁面內容重復度過高。圖片的壓縮也很重要,提高網頁打開的速度對用戶體驗很有幫助。 4, the optimization of the picture of the product, the direct way of the dialogue between the website and the customer is the picture. The website of many pictures must be marked with the alt attribute of the picture, and the Baidu will be recognized, which is beneficial to the page collection. Another advantage can avoid duplication of page content too high. Image compression is also important. Improving the speed of web page opening is very helpful for user experience.